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  • Tire Breaking Equipment - YJ-B
Model: YJ-B
Tire Breaking Equipment
1. The conveyor delivers waste tires to the YJ-B(tire breaking equipment) for processing.
2. Then uses hydraulic system YJ-903(biaxial breaker) to break the waste tires into rubber chips.
3. Then conveyed to the YJ-905(rubber chip shredder) for processing into 40mm rubber chips, and then separate rubber and steel wires for the first time.
4. After using a magnetic separator to filter the steel wires which still contain more rubber, we then process it using the YJ-906(steel wire re-processor) to ensure the recycled steel wire is in accordance with market requirement.
Processing at room temperature without secondary pollution to the environment.
Automatic processing and easy maintenance.

Model: YJ-903
Name: biaxial breaker
Mail motor: 200HP (150KW)

◎Uses hydraulic system.
◎When processing waste tires, as soon as the pressure reaches the preset point, the cutting tool will automatically turn backward to let the tire detach. Then it will turn forward again and continue to process waste tires, this will prolong the life of the transmission system.
◎Applications: Can break truck tires, car tires and other waste products.

Model: YJ-905
Name: rubber chip shredder
Mail Motor: 250HP (200KW)

Model: YJ-906
Name: steel wire re-processor
Mail motor: 175HP (132KW)

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Tire Breaking Equipment