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YEUAN JIH MACHINE CO.,LTD. is leading manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Waste Tire Recycling & Processing Equipment. With a factory in Taiwan. Our expertise allows us to offer a comprehensive range of, which is developed in tandem with the international quality standards. During the manufacturing process, our expert teams checks the quality of the products thus we ensure the superior products to our clients. Our services are highly appreciated by our clients for timely services and market leading prices. If you are interested in any styles of our products, please feel free to contact us.
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Waste Tire Recycling & Processing Equipment
◎ Processing tire types:
Large to small tires all able to process, except for special tires (smaller than Ø1300mm x 350mm).
◎ Specifications:
Room temperature processing: no secondary pollution to the environment.
Direct processing of truck tires, no need to cut in half first.
Mesh rubber materials come in granular form, retaining the original rubber elasticity.
Equipment has an automatic monitoring system, when the machine is processing too much material, the feed conveyor will automatically stop feeding material until the machine begins to operate smoothly. Then the feed conveyor will automatically continue feeding material.
◎ Automatic control:
Less operator intervention.
Easy to operate.
Easy maintenance.
◎ Long operating hours:
Can operate up to 20 hours per day.
◎ Material specifications:
1. Rubber chips
2. 5~20 Mesh rubber powder
3. 20~60 Mesh rubber powder

Rubber chips

5~20 Mesh rubber powder


20~60 Mesh rubber powder

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Waste Tire Recycling & Processing Equipment

match the stringent quality norms of the international market. Our quality standards act as a bench mark for the entire industry. With a long association with some of the top persons in the industry, we are able to have a much better hold in the sales as well as sourcing.