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YEUAN JIH MACHINE CO.,LTD. is a leading designer & manufacturer for overall solutions of Rubber Grinding Equipment, which integrated the business like research & development, production & manufacturing, marketing, engineering, managing and training services. We are always ready to develop new designs according to the domestic and international consumers' demand.
  • Rubber Grinding Equipment - YJ-P
Model: YJ-P
Rubber Grinding Equipment
1. Processing 40mm rubber chips with the YJ-P (rubber grinding equipment).
2. First infeed the rubber chips into the feeding bucket in front of YJ-907-1 (rubber block shredder).
3. The material is processed into 10mm rubber granules using the YJ-907-1 (rubber block shredder).
4. The material is then further processed using the YJ-907(rubber grinder) into approximately 5~20 mesh rubber powder.
5. The mesh rubber powder are then conveyed into the YJ-908 (nylon separator) and YJ-909 (fine nylon separator) to separate nylon from the 5~20 mesh rubber powder.
6. The 5~20 mesh rubber powder are then conveyed into a magnetic separator to separate fine steel wire.
Processing at room temperature without secondary pollution to the environment.
5~20 mesh rubber powder is granular form, retaining the original rubber elasticity and no carbonization.
Automatic processing and easy maintenance

Model: YJ-907-1
Name: rubber block shredder
Mail motor: 200HP (150KW)

Model: YJ-907

Name: rubber grinder(5~20 Mesh)
Mail motor: 75HP (55KW)

Model: YJ-908
Name: nylon separator
Mail motor: 3HP (2.2KW)

Model: YJ-909
Name: Fine Nylon Separator
Mail Motor: 1.5HP (1.1KW)

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